In addition to the standard rent a car service, MIDA RENT A CAR is also specialized in Transfers from and to all airports listed below as well as all other desired destinations!

Taking in consideration the different travel needs to our customers, we can provide the transfer either with Van or Car!

If you require more information, please feel free to contact us!

Start Destination Car 4+1 Van 8+1
Skopje Skopje airport 40€ 50€
Skopje Ohrid, Macedonia 140€ 170€
Skopje Prishtina, Kosovo 120€ 140€
Skopje Sofia, Bulgaria 180€ 240€
Skopje Thessaloniki, Greece 180€ 240€
Skopje Tirana, Albania 250€ 280€
Skopje Belgrade, Serbia 300€ 400€

* If you are interested in transfer which are not listed, please contact us for more info.