About us

Macedonia Rent a Car Booking (MIDA), located within the premises of Skopje “Alexander The Great” Airport and headquartered in “Business Center MIDA” in Skopje, is one of the best rent a car companies in Macedonia.  As a proud rent a car booking leader Macedonia Rent a Car Booking offers a variety of transfer services in and around Skopje, as well as any location in Macedonia, including shuttle transfers for small groups and large families, or private transfers for couples and single travelers. 

Macedonia Rent a Car Booking has a successful business cooperation with all Government Institutions for the purposes of transportation and accommodation of foreign VIP guests-delegations. In addition to organizing hotel accommodation, transport and services to the members and staff of official delegations, we also assist them with organizing conferences, congresses and seminars.

For longer period Macedonia Rent a Car Booking cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of the Prime Minister, Office of the President, The Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, and other national and foreign agencies and organizations. 

Regardless of your purpose of travel, with 80 vehicles at low rates and exceptional services, Macedonia Rent a Car Booking can provide you with a quality transport to suit your travel needs. 

Weather you are visiting Skopje or any other location in Macedonia, we are technically equipped and staffed to professionally respond to your requirements and add you to our list of invaluable clients and friends.

Macedonia Rent a Car Booking is looking forward to establishing a fruitful and successful cooperation.