The vehicle is inalienable property of MIDA, and the Lessee shall not acquire any other rights regarding this vehicle, except those given by the Lessor in the Rental Agreement.

1.Authorized vehicle operation- Only persons older than 23 years who have a valid driving license for at least 3 years (3 x 365 days) shall be allowed to operate the vehicle.

The Lessee of the vehicle should submit the necessary documents in order to be able to sign the Rental Agreement!

Required Documents:

- Personal Identification (ID Card)/ Passport

- Driving Licence

If the Lessee does not have complete documentation, and the payment is already realized through a web site, MIDA has the right not to return the funds to the user.

2. Rental of the vehicle. Vehicle should be rented by concluding a Rental Agreement. Bu signing the Rental Agreement, the Lessee confirms that the vehicle and equipment listed on page 1 of the Rental Agreement are in flawless technical condition. The Lessee must return the rented vehicle within the deadline stated in the Rental Agreement.

3. Limitations- The rented vehicle cannot be used:

a) For paid transport of passengers and goods

b) If the person who concluded the Rental Agreement gave false data

c) In any competition, speed lest or race

d) By person under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, soporifics or other medicines

e) When vehicle is not in driving condition, or is overloaded with supernumerary passengers or luggage, expired registration or for any other reasons the vehicle is not in technically good condition.

f) Out of categorized roads.

g) Contrary to special conditions, limitations or prohibitions which refer to the use of the rented vehicle in individual countries or regions, of which the Lessee will be informed upon concluding the Rental Agreement and will accept by signing the Agreement. MIDA does not accept any liability for any damage, which arises in the vent the Lessee, does not observe the abovementioned limitations

4. Lessee’s liability for damage: the Lessee shall be responsible for complete damage of the vehicle, parts thereof and additional equipment that is not acknowledged under the general conditions of motor hull insurance. The Lessee Excessive use shall include use exceeding normal use appropriate for the duration of the rental and mileage. The Lessee should be also liable for all damages, which result from the replacement of parts or equipment when replacement is not necessary or is performed such that a new or a good part is replaced with an inappropriate part. The Lessee shall undertake to pay all established damages, which in accordance with these general conditions should be covered by the Lessee on the basis of an additional bill issued by MIDA.

5. Deposit- The vehicles of MIDA Rent a Car are insured with deductible franchise EUR/500. The Lessee is obliged to leave a deposit in the amount of 500,00€ without taxes upon the takeover of the vehicle exclusively with a credit card. The deposit is refundable and it will be returned after the rental is completed if the vehicle is in the same condition as it was issued.

6. Cancellation Policy - For online payment we are accepting MASTERCARD & VISA Credit/Debit Cards!

When you are paying online by your credit/debit card your funds of total amount will be reserved.

In case of cancelation the company will refund as follow:

- Cancellation 15 days prior to pick up date – 50% of total amount

- Cancellation 7 days prior to pick up date – 30% of total amount

- No-show on the pick up date – 0% of total amount

For direct payments at our MIDA offices at Airport or in MI-DA Business Center Skopje, renting fee must be paid at the moment of picking up the vehicle.

The payment methods are: MASTERCARD & VISA Credit/Debit Cards or by Cash.

7. Payment of the invoice - After the end of rental, an invoice shall be prepared on the basis of the Rental Agreement price list valid upon the conclusion of the Agreement and taking into account all data from the contract, additional costs and any special arrangements. Upon returning the vehicle, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay the rent on the basis of the invoice, that is to say, within 8 days after the receipt of the invoice. In the event of a delay in payment, penalty interest shall be charged in the amount determined by the Law on penalty interest rates, if not agreed otherwise.

8. Extension of the rental : If the Lessee desires to extend the rental, it shall first inform the respective Branch Office that rented the vehicle, one day in advance. In the event of non-fulfillment of this condition, it shall be deemed that the Lessee has appropriated the illegally and criminal proceedings shall be instituted against the Lessee. If the Lessee returns the vehicle after the date stated upon the conclusions of the Rental Agreement and if the price has been changed during the rental period, the rental from the date of the planned return of the vehicle shall be calculated at the new price. If the Lessee returns the vehicle 2 hours after the previously agreed time, it will be charged for extra one day.

9. Fuel: Fuel is not included in the price of the rental. Vehicles should be rented with a full fuel tank and returned the full fuel tank. If the Lessee returns the vehicle with less fuel as the vehicle was issued, it will be charged 2€ per liter.

10.Maintenance: The Lessee undertake responsibility to take care of the vehicle and regularly checkup the oil level in the engine and automatic gearbox, if the vehicle is equipped with one, water in the radiator and battery, as well as the correct pressure in the tires.

11. Breakdowns : Repairs or replacement of parts may be performed only at authorized service workshops and after receiving the prior approval of the Branch Office which rented the vehicle. The cost of repairs shall be paid back to the Lessee upon presentation of the bill. In case of replacement of parts, the Lessee shall also be obliged to present the replaced parts. If the repair is performed abroad, in addition to the prior approval of the Branch Office for the repair, upon crossing the border, the Lessee shall obtain a receipt at customs for the import of the replaced part and upon the reporting the costs, submit the bill, the replaced parts and the customs receipt. Under the conditions from the previous paragraph, costs I the amount from the bill, calculated in DEN value according to the middle exchange rate of the National bank of RM on the date of calculation, shall be acknowledge to the credit of the Lessee. If MIDA Rent a Car did not give a prior approval to the repair of the vehicle abroad, upon returning the vehicle, these costs shall be acknowledged to the Lessee by presenting the bill and the replaced parts up to the amount assessed by the MIDA Commission. The costs shall not be acknowledged if the repair is performed without approval, outside of an authorized service, or, if the replaced parts of the bill have not been presented. If upon returning the vehicle it is established that any part of the vehicle, equipment or additional accessories have been lost, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay the damage in the amount of the market value of the lost parts, equipment valid on the date of returning of the vehicle.

12. Vehicle documents and keys: All vehicles are equipped with all necessary documents, including documents necessary for crossing borders and the Lessee shall be responsible for it. In case of loss of documents and keys, the Lessee shall pay the damage according to the valid price list.

13. Personal Accident Insurance: By paying an additional daily charge in the amount determined in the valid price list, the Lessee may insure him/herself, an authorized driver and its relatives for damage due to death or physical injury suffered during the use of the vehicle, under valid policy.

14. Vehicle Insurance: All vehicles owned by MIDA are insured against liabilities for damage caused to third parties. The insurance company will cover the costs of damage caused by the vehicle up to the insured amount determined by Law on the day when damage is caused. All vehicles owned by MIDA have motor hull insurance, with a deductible. The Lessee shall cover the costs of damage up to the amount of the deductible, unless this is avoided by the payment of the additional daily amount according to the conditions determined in the valid price list for all cases in which the damage to the vehicles is covered by the motor hull insurance. Insurance shall in no case cover the cost of damage to tires and the oil reservoir. The Lessee shall always cover the cost of this damage.

15. Theft Protection: The vehicles, tools, accessories and equipment can also be insured against theft by an additional charge in the amount and according to the conditions determined in the valid price list. In the event such insurance has not been concluded and the theft of the vehicle, parts thereof, tools, accessories or equipment occurs and the insurance company does not cover these costs, the Lessee shall be obliged to cover these costs. The Lessee shall immediately inform the nearest police station and MIDA Office that rented the vehicle, of any theft.

16. Accidents: The Lessee shall immediately inform the nearest police station and MIDA Office that rented the vehicle of any accident. The Accident Report Form that is enclosed in the vehicle documents shall be filled in with all data on the accident and sent to the Branch Office that rented the vehicle. The Lessee undertakes to cooperate with MIDA in dealing with and removal of the consequences of the accident. If MIDA suffers any damage due non-cooperation of theLessee, these costs shall be charged to the Lessee.

17. Validity and changes of the Rental Agreement: The Rental Agreement shall come into force when it is signed by both contracting parties. Any other special conditions, limitations or prohibitions which the Lessee is informed of and accepted by signing the Agreement and which are an integral part thereof, shall be valid simultaneously with the Rental Agreement. No provision of the Agreement may be charged without the prior approval by MIDA.

18. All Employees of MIDA have the right to inspect the vehicles at any time. In case it is established upon such inspection that the Lessee is committing a breach of the Rental Agreement, the employees of MIDA shall be authorized to revoke the vehicle from the Lessee. Upon their intervention employees of MIDA shall be authorized to revoke the vehicle from the Lessee. Upon their intervention employees of MIDA shall be obliged to present appropriate proof of being an employee of MIDA to the Lessee. The calculation of the rental shall be performed including the day when MIDA has again gained possession of the vehicle.

19. The Lessee shall bear sole responsibility for traffic offences committed during the rental period. The Lessee shall bear the responsibility for all damages caused with the vehicle during the rental period for which the insurance company does not cover these costs for any reason.

20. In case of disputes, the contracting parties hereby agree upon the competence of the Court of Skopje.

21. In case the Lessee /Renter do not return the vehicle in deadline specified in the Agreement, for acting is competent the Ministry of Interior of RM, in accordance of Article 239 (evasion) of the Criminal Code of RM.

22. Definition of terms:

MIDA owner of the vehicles that is a subject of this Rental Agreement with full name : MIDA RENT A CAR TOURS, Skopje, bul. 8-mi Septemvri br. 18, Skopje.

Lessee/Renter -the party that has rented the vehicles under the Rental Agreement and has undertaken to pay the costs of rental.

Driver, the person who operates the vehicle